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Dear Sterling Woods Unit Owner:

Please see below from Mike Hoffman, the owner of Hoffman Landscapes (our snow vendor):

The forecast is calling for a significant storm with up to a foot of snow accumulation tomorrow.  This will be a challenging storm for the Sterling Woods crew.  At our pre-storm meeting this morning, we discussed our priorities for during and after the storm.  Our priorities are as follows, in order:

  1. Main Roads
  2. Side Roads
  3. Driveways
  4. Unit Walkways
  5. Common Walkways

During the peak of the storm, when the snow is predicted to fall at a rate of 2” or more per hour, we will be focusing on roads exclusively.  At the end of the storm, we will finish clearing the roads first and then move through the neighborhood clearing driveways and walkways.  It can take up to 12 hours to clean up after a storm of this size. 

We also have two requests for the Sterling Woods residents that are very important and have a major impact on how quickly we can recover from an event like this:

1.  SAFETY:  Please be careful walking in the neighborhood during the storm.  Keep in mind that it is very difficult for our drivers to see pedestrians when it is snowing heavily.  If you must go outside during the storm, please use your garage as access instead of your front steps/walkway. 

2.  PARKING:  Please park cars inside garages.  If this is not possible, please park cars in driveways, close to the garage doors.  Please do not leave any cars parked in visitor parking areas.  During the storm, we will be moving thousands of tons of snow into these lots and onto the landscape beyond.  If there are cars in the visitor parking lots, we will end up having to pile snow in the roads, which may block access to these cars.  The parking areas at the beginning and end of Cypress and the parking areas at the end of Revere are particularly important…the crew needs to move snow through these parking areas and onto the landscape beyond.


Mike Hoffman, President, Hoffman Landscapes, Inc.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Kim Murray at  You can call the on-site office at 203-748-0859.  If I am not in the office, I will get your message which is also sent to my computer. 

If you have an emergency, you can call 203-744-8400 and hit 0. 

Thank you.

Kim Murray



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