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Dear Sterling Woods Residents:

We are experimenting with a new Website Blog at  to provide real time updates on things happening around SWII, like the presence of A&J paving on site.  

  • This is not an interactive site where residents can respond or post anything.

  • It is designed only for me to post quick messages, updates, notices, snow plowing delays, road work, etc.

  • It has an RSS feed button you can use to have automatic notification to your computer or smart phone so that anytime I posts something you will automatically be notified.

Hopefully unit owners will begin to find it and ask about it and we can announce it officially in the next newsletter.

Comments and suggestions are welcome but please give it a try so that we can get as much feedback as we can before it goes live.  If you have any comments, e-mail Kim Murray at

Thank you.

Kim Murray



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